The original building dates from 1549 when it was the City Gaol which remains intact including original barred windows, locks and chains and a solitary cell. In more recent years, we have been serving the finest food and drink in the city. The building is steeped in history.

Ask any of our staff or read any of the newspaper cuttings below from the local Wells Journal. Thanks to Clare Blackmore, local historian, who researched the history of the Olde Gaol.

A Married Woman Sat On Each Knee
Grim Prison to Cheery Pub
Property Sales
Actress Charged with Stealing a Carriage Rug
Infant Killed by an Overdose of Syrup
Job Vacancies at City Arms
Victorian Boy Racer Fatality
No Light on Ostler's Cart
Assault! Landlady Mrs Tripp calls customer 'old fool' and threatens to 'slay him to the ground'
Newspaper Cuttings Since 1851
Early Licencees
Sizzling Sixties: Trendy Steak Bar City's New Meating Place
Brother Assaults Brother
Edwin Henry Joseph, Landlord of the City Arms, Was Declared Bankrupt in April 1860
14 Days With Hard Labour For Stealing An Umbrella
City Arms Watch Theft - Accused Man Escapes From Jail